Acne Sufferers: Know Your Acne Safe Supplements and Which Ones Make Acne Worse

Acne Sufferers: Know Your Acne Safe Supplements and Which Ones Make Acne Worse

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So we know acne is a combination of factors! It’s not just bacteria, it’s not just hormones, it’s not just products. Harsh medications like Acccutane often only work temporarily and most users find that their acne returns. This is heart-breaking and leaves us still wondering “Why am I still breaking out?”

The next step is to begin searching for holistic, whole-body solutions. Dietary changes vitamins can be extremely helpful, but can also exacerbate the acne if the wrong supplements are being taken, or if the dosage of particular vitamins is too high (which is extremely common!) We love that people are thinking internally and are wanting to take care of the inflammation from the inside out- this is fantastic!

You need some guidance though, because there is a TON of incomplete data out there. (Ex: A Google search will show you a study about acne patients who all had low Vitamin D levels, and thus recommends supplementation with vitamin D). This study got a lot of press and is widely known because it was the first of its kind and there wasn’t any competing information. But in reality, this outdated study was missing the boat entirely on ALL of the other bigger factors that affect acne, like diet, products, digestion, hormone health, etc.

Did you know that supplementing with Vitamin D in too high of a dose (over 100% RDI) will likely raise your testosterone levels and cause hormonal acne around the mouth and chin? It’s extremely common. At San Diego Acne Clinic we see patients all the time who are on a multivitamin or a straight up D supplement and are getting over 250% of their daily dose of D. This surplus stores up in the body (vitamin D is fat-soluble so you store the excess), and it’s this surplus which affects testosterone, the primary hormone that causes acne breakouts. 

You’re with the experts now, so it’s our life’s mission to get you the REAL information you need to know. We want to take you from “Which supplements are breaking me out?” to “Heck ya, I know exactly what to take to heal my skin”.

There are tons of other acne vitamins marketed for detox, hair and skin, or for immunity that sound great but simply have levels that are too high in certain vitamins. If you want to be your healthiest self and take awesome supplements you should be able to! And you should be able to do it wisely without accidentally dropping $50 on some awesome “hair growth vitamin” that has a bunch of other random stuff that will actually break your skin out. #OVERIT

In the “Ditch Your Acne” course you will walk away knowing:

  • exactly why you are breaking out 
  • why the old methods failed
  • exactly which vitamins break us out and why (and the dosage)
  • best supplements for clear skin
  • vitamins for skin health and collagen rebuilding
  • dermatology prescriptions and their flaws/ side effects
  • ideal diet & acne-fighting super foods
  • which birth controls help and hurt acne
  • how to evaluate products for hidden pore-cloggers
  • how and when to exfoliate for your skin
  • how to treat acne scarring
  • the difference between gut health and digestion
  • detoxification methods
  • how to control your hormones
  • everything in between 

For more info on what is covered in this particular module of the course, please download this PDF. 


You DESERVE this in your life, it’s time for you to have power over your skin and your body!


Danielle & Kayleigh, Co-founders CLEARSTEM Skincare

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