CLEARSTEM Customer Reviews – What Do Skin Care Patients Say About CLEARSTEM?

CLEArstem 5 star reviews. anti-acne, anti-aging stem cell serum

“A friend of mine turned me on to this product. As a man I do admit I am a little vain about my skin – it’s always been one of my better features haha. Started using this serum and I have noticed a healthier appearance as well as some of my color has regulated! Also some of my minor scars from my acne days have started to look less severe (which I am super pleased about) all in all I think this product has started to help my skin heal without having to go to more drastic means.”
– Josh F

“I’ve struggled with acne for over a decade. I’ve spent thousands of dollars going to the dermatologist and buying all this prescribed creams, which none of them never worked. I’m already on day 3 using this product and I have yet to had a breakout. My old acne scars seemed to be fading away. This product seems to good to be true but it works, I know it’s pricey but this stuff really works.”
– Anonymous Amazon Customer

“After using this product religiously for about 10 days so far I can honestly say that I see about 75% reduction in my old acne scarring. I’ve tried mederma and had laser done before but it always seems to come back. This is the type of thing that regenerates my skin in a way I can actually see and it actually works as a spot treatment for any little pimples I may get. I feel like I wake up brighter every morning, love love love”
-J Pec

“My daughter is going through her teen years and CLEARSTEM has been working like a miracle. I wish they had this stuff when I was a kid. Very grateful to the team that created this product. Thank you!!”
-Frank P

“This stuff has definitely become one of my holy grails!! I just bought my second bottle thru amazon and I don’t think I could stay without it! I have always struggled with oily-acne prone skin since I was 15 and this has improved my skin on so many levels. This has helped shrink my pores, it has helped keep acne away, and if I do get any acne all I have to do is dab this on and it will literally get rid of the blemish in 1-2 days. I also love how this feels on my skin, it’s very hydrating, and it smells wonderful. I love knowing that the ingredients are all natural too, very gentle on my sensitive skin, but strong enough to keep acne away. Best serum ever (:”
-Mary O

“This is the best product ever, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on acne products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion..etc, and this is the only one that actually helps keep my acne at bay and helps reduce hyperpigmentation extremely quickly. Its unreal. I can’t live without this!!”

“This stuff is absolutely amazing! I’m 28 years old and have struggled with oily, very-acne prone skin since I was about 13. As all acne sufferers know, it’s so hard finding the right combination of products that help to treat (or dry out) your acne without your face becoming a bone-dry desert! I’ve had great success with a line using mandelic serum, but this serum is an god-send for keeping my skin hydrated, glowy, and clear. I notice that my current red marks have faded drastically, and that the pms-breakout I was just suffering cleared up MUCH faster than usual. It’s not a cheap product, but who wants to put cheap ingredients on their face? You are what you eat, and you are what you put on your skin too! I’m just so happy that there is finally a product on the market that treats acne AND is anti-aging.”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“A friend told me about this product, she really loves it. I have been using it for close to a month. I noticed after a week it had visibly reduced the white bumps I get under my skin. They have continued to reduce in size. I also noticed overall my complexion was more clear and radiant. I would definitely recommend this product.”

“This product is truly amazing and absolutely makes a difference in my skin. I’ve had acne for over 10 years. In the last year or so, I’ve started seeing an esthetician who specializes in acne, which has helped keep my acne largely under control. However, I have old scars from years of acne and do scar/get red marks when I breakout currently. This product helps heal new acne, get rid of fresh red spots, fades old scars, and makes you GLOW! I noticed a difference in my skin the first week of using this product, and have used it religiously morning and night ever since. I recently visited my esthetician after using this product for a month, and she commented on how smooth my skin was, very few breakouts, and my scars were significantly faded. Of course, you have to take a holistic approach to keep acne at bay — one product will not clear your skin up if you are putting pore-clogging products on your skin everyday, keeping an improper diet, etc. But if you are taking care to manage your acne, adding this product to your routine will take your skin up a notch without a doubt! Not to mention, it smells fresh and amazing and has a wonderful consistency — hydrating and nourishing without feeling greasy or oily.”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“Amazing product! Helped to clear up my hormonal and cystic acne on my chin. It was a lifesaver a week before my wedding.”
-Anna C

“I feel so grateful I have found this serum. Being an adult with acne is no fun. I’ve tried it all with little to no results. About a year ago, I started to use “Face Reality” products which have been wonderful. I incorporated this serum into my regimen and it has been a total transformation. Not only with acne, but with wrinkles as well!!! Thrilled not to have to worry about breaking out during my cycle any longer. Give it 15 minutes to really absorb before putting lotion on.”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I haven’t even had this product for a week and I can tell it’s already helping, and I love the way it makes my skin feel.”
-Ali W

“’I’ve used it a week and can already see a good difference!! Impressive!”
-Taylor B

“I absolutely love this stuff. It helps to keep my skin clear, hydrated and really helps with post acne marks. Ive been using this stuff for almost a year and it’s the one serum I can not be without. I’ve suffered from acne for many years and this has really made a difference in my skin. It also helps with anti aging. My skin looks more youthful and firm. I’ve tried everything out there and this is the only serum that has worked wonders for my skin.”

“I honestly never take the time out to do reviews but I had to let you know that this product works( well at
least on my skin). I have been using this product for about a month, day and night and have noticed an improvement with my skin. My acne scars have improved and my outbreaks have decreased. Its pricey, but so far as I can tell, it’s worth it. I’m a happy customer thus far and will be purchasing again.”
-Kamil H

“I saw a difference in my skin with in a few days. My skin was brighter, more clear and overall better looking after a few uses. I hope it can get rid of my old acne scars. If it does I would say this product is a miracle worker and worth every penny. As of now I plan to keep using it.”
-Onyx J

“I have super dry and uneven skin and this has totally transformed my face in only a week! The product not only smells amazing, but sinks completely into the skin and doesn’t leave a residue on top like a lot of other serums I’ve tried! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has dry patches, uneven texture, redness, or just wants to improve the health of their skin! I will definitely be repurchasing!”
-Brooke W

“I purchased this on Monday, and told myself I’d give it 30 days –like with all my other skincare products– I wanted to stay consistent with it and use it regularly, twice a day, before giving it an honest review. Here I am, though, 5 days later, leaving a 5-star review because I already have seen results. After my FIRST application of it, my visible, very red, very painful active acne around my temples felt and looked better. 5 days later, it is almost all gone. I started getting this acne over a year ago, when I started trying to turn my health around and eat cleaner, around this same time my son was weaning off breastfeeding and my hormone and digestive system were completely out of whack. From that point on I tried EVERYTHING. Elimination diets, different products,changing shampoos, washing my pillow cases EVERY DAY, you name it… and while my overall health and the strength of my hair and nails improved, this particular area of my skin continued to be problematic. Now, in just 5 days it is practically clear and most important FEELS amazing –no longer inflamed and red and sensitive. Thank you, CLEARSTEM and @KayleighChristina on instagram that introduced me to this product. I am eternally grateful!”
-Nicole W

“This product is SO good – my skin drinks it up! I use it to moisturize & to treat my acne scars. It is so silky & smooth going on. It soaks right into my skin so it doesn’t feel like I have heavy product sitting on my face nor does it make me shiny (a huge plus since I have naturally oily skin). I have definitely noticed an improvement in the redness of my acne scars in a couple weeks. Plus it noticeably evens out the overall tone of my skin on a daily basis, reducing the natural redness around my nose & cheeks! And where can you get a product with stem cells?! This product is so unique & made with natural ingredients, it really feels like I am treating my skin to something special using it.”

“Purchased this product for my daughter who has been suffering from chronic cystic acne. She has been using the product for three weeks now, and her cystic acne has diminished profoundly. Her skin is noticeably softer and healthier. As it turns out, getting rid of all products with ingredients that are pore clogging (see list in pictures of product) significantly reduced her acne. The only downside to the product is that it is a little pricey for the amount in the bottle, but she learned that a small amount of the product goes a long way! Definitely recommend this product!”
-Andrea H

“Only been using this for about 8 days so far but my brown spots from old sunburns are like 50 % lighter and my acne scars are almost gone. I have tried laser and hydroquinone but this works faster and I feel like it is much healthier and cleaner. So worth it”
-D Zieger

“I am beyond thrilled that this serum is now available on Amazon Prime! When I first started using this serum it was only being sold locally but I am happy to see I can get this product with just a click of a button! I have seen some remarks stating that most of the reviews were posted on the same day, making the reviews themselves seem set up, but I only think that is due to the fact that this product just recently became available on Amazon. I would like to think those leaving the reviews within a one day span of one another were clients like me who have been using this serum for months and now have the opportunity to sing its praises. I have tried countless of anti aging and anti acne products and this by far is the best! It does the job while also acting as a moisturizer. My skin has been healthier with more of a glow to it since using this product. The ingredients are quality and work great with sensitive skin types!”
-Christina H

“I loved this product! It helps with my dry skin and pimples! I don’t break out a lot but when I did it was bad. I would say my pimples go away within 24-48 hours using this serum! Also I love to bring it on an airplane when I travel. It helps reduce dry skin and breakouts while flying! I can’t say enough about this product I love it and will continue to buy it!”
-Brittany W

“I love this stuff! My skin looks absolutely amazing after I sleep with it on, I wake up glowing. I saw a difference after just one use, but it keeps getting better and better. It’s nearly impossible to find something anti-acne that is also moisturizing, but this is it!”

“I’ve struggled with acne since 5th grade and this product is one of the only products I’ve found that keeps my skin completely clear and I’ve even noticed some reduction in my scarring. I’ve been on accutane twice and this product alone worked much better! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I have been using the product for about a month and a half, and I am really pleased. It’s helping to clear up active inflammation as well as help with scarring. I am 60 years old, and, although I’ve never had good skin, these last 2 years it’s been horrible. Not only do I have acne, but I am also eczema, blackheads, infected ingrown hairs, sores that won’t heal, and little white bumps. I have been so depressed that I just hibernate at home whenever possible, and don’t put makeup on. When I do wear it, it just looks caked up and awful. This product along with 2 others I am using are really healing my skin. It’s not perfect, but I am no longer self-conscious about going out, and am able to wear less makeup, which looks better. I attended a festival the week before Thanksgiving, and for the first time in a long time, didn’t think I looked awful.Thanks for developing such a great product!”
-Jazz B

“This stuff works wonders! It has helped clear my acne and has helped heal my skin from the acne damage. Highly recommend incorporating this product in any acne regimen.”
-Amanda S

“Amazing! Love it! I have super acne prone skin and I can’t live without this serum now.”

“I have very difficult to manage combination skin and until now nothing had worked for me. This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent, I wish I had known about it sooner. I followed the instructions as closely as I could and it worked.”
-Cameron S

“Love this and it works wonders! My second time ordering it and couldn’t be happier with the results!!”
-Monica T

“Seriously my favorite skin serum I have ever used! Smells wonderful, works great and fabulous packaging! Love, love, love!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I cannot say enough about this product. I have battled adult hormonal cystic acne for the past seven years and it has ruined my skin with scarring. In a time where I could not afford to go and see my dermatologist, I took a chance on this and couldn’t be happier. This product has helped keep breakouts to a minimum and has reduced the scarring all with no antibiotics or any of the usual dermatologist go to options. There is no miracle product so expect to continually use and you will notice such a difference. I can’t live without it!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I cannot say enough good things about this serum. I’ve been using it for over a year now both in the morning and at night right before I go to bed and it has truly transformed my skin. I used to have very textured skin on my cheeks and lower jaw area, and this has decreased the texture significantly. I suffered from acne for a long time from my teens through my mid twenties which left behind some pretty awful scarring. They have faded almost completely away after continued use with this. I just love it! It soaks into your skin really quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue at all. It’s a little pricey, but your skin is important! Completely worth it in my opinion. So happy I found it!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I received this product less than a week ago and already my skin feels softer and looks clearer! Although I am not suffering from any major breakouts, using this product daily for the last five days my skin tone appears much more even, pores look smaller and any small imperfections seem to have disappeared overnight ! I do get hormonal breakouts and I am looking forward to trying this product to combat those. My favorite part is that it is full of natural, non-chemical ingredients and smells super fresh. So far, so good!”
-Carolyn S

“This is an amazing serum! I usually break out once a month, but do not consider my skin Acne prone however bought this for the hydrating and anti-aging. I have just started using this, and for the first time I did NOT have a pre-menstrual breakout when I normally do! This really has a calming effect on the skin. It is lightweight but so hydrating and I see my skin glowing after only a couple days of use. Absolutely love the feel of my skin with this product and have seen a decrease in appearance of lines and wrinkles already as well which I have not seen so quickly in any other product. At the age of 45, this is a dream come true and with natural, organic (and not tested on animals) ingredients!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“Excellent. Really faded residual marks and seems to be shrinking pores. I love it!”
-G Matthews

“Great product, really helped my skin and dark acne scar spots. I am going to buy another bottle when I run out! It makes your skin feel so nice after application and it smells lovely!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“This serum is amazing! So hydrating and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. This has replaced so many of my products—does not feel greasy and makes my skin so soft. Highly recommend!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I’ve suffered with hormonal acne my entire life and even now at 34 years old. I’ve done deep chemical peels to help with the acne scars, which works for a little while, but the scars always resurface. I told my Esthetician I wanted to do Fraxel, but she recombined that I absolutely try his product before doing something that extreme. I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve tried so many different products, but I’ve been blown away with how much it has helped my skin! My scars are diminishing and I’m not breaking out as much anymore, if not at all. I love CLEARSTEM! Thank you for making such an amazing product and saving me from doing Fraxel!”
-Stephanie S

“This product is a skin saver! I love it! It has helped clear my Acne & reduce scarring! I can’t go a day without it, I’m hooked! So glad it is available online now! If you haven’t found a product that works, look no further. Best of luck!”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer

“This product is AMAZING! I have struggled with sensitive and acneic skin my entire life and have been on the search for a natural, healing product that would soothe while simultaneously keeping breakouts at bay. Well, I finally found it! I have been using this serum for a month now and my skin has never been happier! The redness and inflammation has been reduced, as well as the breakouts, and it also hydrates enough that it doubles as my moisturizer! What’s better than that?!”

“CLEARSTEM is a must have! It is light weight and smells nice, great for everyday use. I started feeling and seeing results within the first week. I am a 30 year old woman. My biggest issue was acne scars from childhood acne and those pesky pimples that pop back up every now and then (like when you forget to wash your face or during your cycle). I got more than I expected! Not only are my light scars damn near gone, my skin looks and feels amazingggg! I have this natural glow where my face looks clean and hydrated. I am officially a loyal CLEARSTEM user.”
-Alicia O

“I’ve been using this serum for the past 6 months. It has worked great to even out my skin tone and fade hyperpigmentation left from acne. It’s so hydrating and makes my skin feel smooth and look more glowy and healthy. Helps to decrease the inflammation from any acne flare ups.
I’m so glad it’s available for purchase on Amazon.
Thank you Danielle for creating this product! It’s amazing!!”
-I Munoz

“I use the CLEARSTEM serum every morning and evening, and I promise you this product works! It heals and hydrates your skin without breaking you out! I’ve struggled with acne for years and my skin is frustratingly sensitive, but since using this product my skin is not nearly as oily, blotchy, or uneven. My scars are also healing! I would highly recommend it!”

“blemish buster!”
-Julian H

“I added (a TINY TINY TINY amount – talking like 1/4 of a drop that I then dabbed against a paper towel) of thieves to this and used it for a few weeks and felt like I already noticed a difference.”
-Anonymous Amazon Customer