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Skincare Products for Acne Scars

Achieve visibly smoother, clearer skin with our products for acne scars that help reduce hyperpigmentation and redness. Our patented formulas are designed to repair skin from the inside out, starting with non-pore-clogging ingredients to prevent future breakouts. Incorporate at-home acne scar treatment into your everyday skincare routine to lighten dark spots and brighten your skin tone.


Yes, they can! Many of our non-comedogenic serums, moisturizers, and exfoliants are designed to:
  • Minimize future breakouts
  • Lighten existing acne scars and dark spots
  • Improve overall skin texture
How does it work? It all comes down to our powerful science-backed formulas that minimize skin irritation. Non-comedogenic products contain zero pore-clogging ingredients, an absolute must-have for clearing acne and getting rid of textured skin. Effectively unclogging pores and delivering essential nutrients is the key to unlocking clear skin. We have all the tools your skin needs to thrive. Our products help you break free from the vicious breakout-scarring-breakout-scarring cycle so you can focus on healing.
A quick search will show results for “natural” scar removal remedies, suggesting things like coconut oil, avocado oil, or sesame oil. However, ingredients like these are all pore-cloggers. In the long run, they will just encourage future breakouts and unhealthy skin. “All-natural” doesn’t mean acne-safe—pore cloggers can be natural, too. Unless you cut out pore-clogging ingredients, you’ll just be chasing your tail in circles when it comes to minimizing acne and lightening scars. What many brands don’t want you to know is that pore-cloggers are hidden in a wide variety of skincare, makeup, hair, and other products. Not sure if your acne scar product has a pore-clogging ingredient? Check out our skincare ingredient checker, an easy tool to cross-check beauty products.
Yes, our formulas are designed for many types of scarring. CELLRENEW® and BOUNCEBACK™ are loaded with stem cells and collagen media, powerful ingredients against acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. Additionally, SOFTSKIN™ body lotion is a soothing blend of botanicals and hydration molecules that works wonders against scar tissue, body acne, KP (keratosis pilaris), redness, and inflammation.