Acne at a Glance


If you’re reading this, get ready to learn some serious skin care science and have a little fun in the process! In collaboration with the Founder of San Diego Acne Clinic and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, CLEARstem is revolutionizing the skincare industry and raising standards day in and day out, changing lives one smiling face at time. Most people have battled breakouts and been left with limited (and undesirable) treatment options to get rid of the scars our acne left behind. These days everyone wants beautiful, young, smooth, glowing skin-- but we are bombarded with far too many products and no real pathway to locate which items are best for our individual skin. Your skin is unique to you: it’s not the same as your best friend’s, your neighbor’s, or even your identical twin. Modern dermatology is deeply lacking in acne solutions, and it operates as a prescription-funneling system. Unless you’re down to poison yourself with Accutane, you will not find much relief at your Derm’s office. Believe it or not, some of the most trusted names in the beauty industry rely on the fact that you don’t know what you need, and some even circulate poor information to keep you re-purchasing. That ends now.


GET TO KNOW YOUR SKIN - Why does it matter what skin type you have? What does it mean for you in terms of product selection? 

Since our skin is our largest bodily organ, it is impacted by MANY different factors all at the same time: genetics, diet, baseline sensitivity level, medication, hormones, and products (even you hair conditioner).  Genetics dictates the nature of your skin while the appearance of your skin depends on how you treat it and what you eat.  It is important to remember that acne is caused by MULTIPLE factors. In fact, we have found that there are an average of 4+ factors that are all interplaying to affect your skin’s behavior (ex: dietary impact, hormone profile, lifestyle habits, products used, level of exfoliation, just to name a few). The brainiacs behind CLEARstem are dedicated to breaking this down for you and giving you the power to gain control of your appearance.


First things first: (You won’t like this next statement, but you need to get comfy with it): There is NO cure for acne and there are NO shortcuts.If your pores are being re-clogged, you will continue to break out. Here are some typical acne causes with some tips:

1. Retention Hyperkeratosis.

Hyper means “more.” Keratosis means “rate of keratin protein production.” “Retention” means the pore is stuffed with extra skin protein that has trouble shedding. Those of us who regularly breakout have up to 5X more skin protein being generated than those who do not have the issue. Biotin or excessive collagen supplements can even trigger it more, so avoid those!

2. Excess oil/sebum production which is generally accompanied by large pores. 

This part is genetic, but certain foods like sugar, alcohol, whey protein, and dairy will trigger even more oil and that excess sebum will mix with the excess skin protein to create a clogged pore. Maintaining a balanced, low-glycemic diet is the best way you can calm oil production from the inside.

3. Testosterone/Progesterone sensitivity.

Long story short, male hormones (Androgens) stimulate extra oil and inflammation, while most Estrogenic hormones calm acne down. There are countless ways to accidentally increase our androgenic activity (alcohol, stress, medications like Ritalin & Wellbutrin, Progestin-based birth-control, The Plan B, fried food, toxic lifestyle, poor sleep habits). Some of us ladies have a bit more peach-fuzz on our lower face- this is why we break out more there during PMS time! Androgens stimulate the thick oil that nourishes hair deep in the follicle. Ladies, the fuzzier you naturally are, the more diligent you need to be with your hormonal triggers and make sure to avoid the high-androgen forms of birth control!