CLEAR Results

Here are some REAL life examples of how our philosophy & products create noticeable change in our customers’ skin. Many of these examples are after only a few weeks of being on their new regimen. We believe that skin responds quickly to the right formulas, and we look forward to hearing about your success too.


Kayleigh was an original user of CELLrenew! This is a progression shot spanning 2 months. We identified 6 secret pore cloggers in hair & makeup, got rid of them, and began using the full CLEARSTEM system and Face Reality Ultimate SPF.


"This is a progression shot after 2 months on the CLEARSTEM system, including daily and then twice-daily use of the VITAMINscrub, CLEARity exfoliating serum, and CELLrenew. The fading of the scars in such a short time is truly remarkable. Her skin is now scar free."


Client underwent acne facial peels at SD Acne Clinic, then transitioned to CELLrenew to erase the acne scars. Her progression shot reflects a 5 weeks span. For this skin type, scarring generally stays very dark for years.


"Her skin tone is near perfect after continued CELLrenew and CLEARity usage. We advise usage of the Face Reality Ultimate SPF for anyone with darker complexions!"

Real Customer Results

60-Day Progress

"Client used combination of CLEARSTEM CELLrenew and Face Reality Mandelic Acid, along the VITAMINscrub twice per day. Progression shots taken over 2 months."

45-Day Progress

"Client had inflamed acne scars, her skin type scars very easily. After 1.5 months using CELLrenew she is happily scar-free (and beautiful)"

14-Day Progress

"These results were achieved after 2 weeks after she stopped washing her face with hot water, and added in the VITAMINscrub, CLEARity, and CELLrenew to her skincare routine."

Video Testimonial

This is my 2nd order of CLEARSTEM! It is absolutely amazing. I went a few months in between bottles and my skin was suffering. My skin was super dry and was breaking out constantly. As soon as I started on my new bottle, my skin cleared up within the week and is super hydrated. Thank you CLEARSTEM for creating this awesome product! It’s my holy grail!

Salia Yingling