Hormones + Acne

Now let’s de-mystify the whole “It’s Hormones” thing. Most of us ladies get PMS breakouts so we conclude that the biggest cause of acne is hormones, and this is just not so. If you have PCOS or a hormone disruption, yes that may be it. But most of us start with clogged pores and then notice the insane inflammation during that “time” of the month; hence, we blame hormones. Male hormones cause us to heat up and sweat more, and then crave sugar to fuel the energy that goes with it. Now we are sweating more and that sweat has more sugar in it, creating a bacteria frenzy. Body Builders tend to experience major body breakouts for this very reason, and Dairy products trigger this situation as well! For anyone trying to get clear, CUT OUT DAIRY NOW. Whey protein is dairy and is a guaranteed problem so just ditch it for a plant-based option ASAP. Seriously, if you have whey protein or milk products, you will not get clear.


Hormonal birth control does play a huge rule in our skin, so this is where the hormone-trigger can be most legit. Below is a list of “good” and “bad” birth controls:

You want to avoid high androgen forms of birth control as these will trigger excess oil and inflammation. Androgens (male hormones) cause us to produce excessive amounts of oil in our hair follicles, leading to inflamed, even cystic lesions on the jawline and chin. Think of a man's beard: we ladies may not have the beard but we do have deeper hair follicles in that same area, hence why the "hormonal acne" presents itself there. The following birth control methods will create trouble in the hormonal region, and even on the chest or back.

  • Norplant
  • Implanon
  • Depo Provera
  • Microgesin
  • NuvaRing
  • IUD (both copper and hormonal)
  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo
  • Plan B

Here are some alternatives that would be much better for your skin:

  • Tri-Sprintec
  • Sprintec
  • Ortho-Tricyclen
  • Tri-Nessa
  • Ortho-Novum

Any low-androgen pill will be best for your skin, it's just a matter of finding one with low side effects. Tri-Sprintec and Ortho-Tricylen seem to be the biggest crowd-pleasers.