The way we use this mask gives us different benefits and results
  • Use for 2 minutes and follow with HYDRAGLOW to get a quick smoothing, brightening, and glow effect with no dryness
  • Use for 10 minutes and follow with CLEARITY which will give you the results of a mild chemical peel: smoothes wrinkles, reduces appearance of acne scars, evens pigmentation, and brightens the skin

Serves as a way to boost other skin treatments to maintain the results. Example: Supplementing facials with PREGAME to 10x your results

Maximizes your entire skincare regimen without needing to constantly get facials. When you properly exfoliate using PREGAME, your skin absorbs the stem cells, DNA repairing enzymes, and vitamin C (in CLEARITY & BOUNCEBACK) that much deeper and makes them 3x more effective.