Danielle Gronich

The Acne Guru™

Who is Danielle Gronich?

Danielle is the formulator and CEO of CLEARSTEM, a nontoxic, anti-aging, and anti-acne skincare line, and the founder of The San Diego Acne Clinic. Danielle’s 10-year acne struggle was the catalyst of her current reputation as The Acne Guru™. After three failed rounds of Accutane, years on antibiotics, countless visits to dermatologists, and multiple laser treatments, Danielle left the corporate world to re-ignite her biology background and close the gaps in the acne space left by outdated pharmaceutical approaches. 

She dove into clinical research and went back to school, earning her license as a clinical esthetician and acne specialist. She learned that acne has multiple triggers that operate in tandem and that thoroughly evaluating both the internal and external factors that affect our skin is the only way to truly find solutions to acne.

What is the San Diego Acne Clinic?

After studying under several industry veterans and partnering with bloodwork specialists she opened her clinic in 2014. The San Diego Acne Clinic takes a holistic approach with a 98% success rate for getting people’s skin clear and keeping them clear. Today, Danielle’s clinic has thousands of success stories to tell and she has even worked with many celebrity clients.

Key Accomplishments of the Clinic:

✅ Treated thousands of clients with a 98% success rate of clearing acne

✅ Developed a wealth of resources and intellectual property around acne & most common triggers

✅ Helped clients successfully avoid Accutane and transition off antibiotics & spironolactone

Why Danielle’s Approach is so Successful:


Danielle’s methods begin first with educating the client that acne has multiple different triggers all operating at once. We must thoroughly evaluate someone’s entire regimen- both internal and external- to help them manage their skin. This evaluation process includes reviewing dietary patterns, exfoliation methods, and even vitamin & supplement dosages. Danielle takes a full-body holistic approach when evaluating her clients’ skin. She is a true acne and skincare expert.


Although acne is a condition that makes us feel insecure and vulnerable, the experience inside the clinic is one of empowerment, education, laughter, and meaningful human interaction. The first appointment with an acne specialist is around 90 minutes and is very in-depth. Of course the secret sauce to clear skin is consistency, so routine follow-ups are scheduled.


Nearly every single patient gets clear skin or close to it. The few instances where there’s something else impeding results are generally autoimmune, for which Danielle has built a network of specialists to provide the proper referral.

The focus on ongoing education during follow-up appointments allows clients to get additional information on gut health, anti-aging, hormone balance, and self-care strategies, all of which lead to lasting lifestyle changes that serve the broader health of the client. 

The Birth of CLEARSTEM!

One of her clients, Kayleigh Christina, was so impressed with the results she was able to achieve through working with Danielle that they teamed up to build CLEARSTEM Skincare. By working with a world-renowned cosmetic chemist developing a serum that helps reverse acne scars, regulate hormonal oil production, reduce redness and inflammation, and support collagen & elasticity in the skin, CLEARSTEM has become the pioneer in the all-new anti-aging and anti-acne skincare category!. The entire CLEARSTEM Skincare line is formulated such that every product treats multiple skin concerns at once with remarkable skin improvements seen in very little time.

Danielle and her co-founder Kayleigh are deeply committed to making a positive, soul-level impact and inspiring people to become the happiest & healthiest versions of themselves. They take pride in having ⅓ of their team be dedicated to customer service & they regularly provide free hours-long masterclasses to the public. 

Gronich currently resides in San Diego, CA.