Kayleigh Christina

Holistic Nutritionist

Who is Kayleigh Christina?

Kayleigh Christina is the Co-Founder and COO of CLEARSTEM, a nontoxic anti-aging and anti-acne skincare line. 

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, published author, podcaster, and investor of wellness-based brands, Kayleigh has a deep passion for making a positive impact in other people’s lives. Her journey into the skincare world began when she developed numerous health issues - a breast tumor and severe cystic acne in her mid-twenties - and tried in vain to find a cure. After countless doctors, dermatologists, and specialists, no one could figure out what was going on. That’s when she took matters into her own hands and discovered San Diego Acne Clinic, where she met co-founder Danielle Gronich. Not only did her acne clear up, but through their sessions, the duo discovered their mutual passion for helping other acne sufferers achieve clear skin through internal and external methods without sacrificing their health. That’s when CLEARSTEM Skincare was born.

As an inspiring leader in the entrepreneurship and wellness industry, Kayleigh loves talking about all things: gut health & holistic wellness, the real root causes of acne, building a community-based CPG brand, scaling a company without outside investment, leading with education first & product second, investing in other wellness brands, and the importance of having a co-founder therapist for the health of the founders and company. 

She is also the co-host of The Podcast Connector Podcast.

Kayleigh currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Kayleigh's Journey to CLEAR Skin

When Kayleigh hit her mid-20s, she began to develop severe cystic acne. Every doctor she went to could not figure out what was going on and where these issues were stemming from. As a last resort Kayleigh found San Diego Acne Clinic. And this is when Kayleigh and Danielle met. For months Kayleigh would lay on Danielle’s table, and they would talk all things nutrition, wellness and the science behind skincare. This is where CLEARSTEM was born.

Kayleigh's Mission

Personal Struggle

During their first meeting, Danielle had Kayleigh bring in every hair, skin and body product she used. During this process Kayleigh learned the ins and outs of what was causing her extreme breakouts and inflammation.

Passion & Purpose

Kayleigh’s WHY behind what she does is to connect, make a positive impact and inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves and full of confidence, through education and sharing her own experiences.

Connect with Me

Kayleigh is the co-host of the Balancing Your Hustle Podcast and currently writes her own blog KayleighChristina.com with over 30K unique visitors per month over the past five years, and her community continues to grow.