Acne Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Acne is caused by hormones.

Fact: Acne is partially caused by hormones, but is usually caused by at least two factors that cause active breakouts. 

Acne is mainly caused by androgens, or “male hormones,” which can be triggered by PMS, high stress, foods like dairy and certain prescription drugs, like Wellbutrin. Another possible cause is hormone influence, but it is rarely the root cause unless the person is on a high-androgen birth control (like NuvaRing) or has an actual hormone-disrupting condition (like PCOS).


Myth: Going “natural” with my products will help my acne.

Fact: “Natural” and “organic” are nice, but they do not correlate with “acne-safe.”

In fact, most items marketed as organic contain coconut oil or shea butter, which are some of the most pore-clogging substances out there! Organic is critical for our food consumption, but it does not increase the effectiveness of your topical skin care items. 


Myth: My skin is dirty and full of bacteria, so I need antibiotics.

Fact: Bacteria is usually a side effect of the clogged pores, which leads to inflammation.

Oral antibiotics come with harsh side effects like sun-sensitivity and digestive disturbances (not to mention making birth control less effective!) and they usually only provide temporary relief, if any. It is critical to get to the source of the acne issue, and bacteria is rarely it. Sometimes, a round of antibiotics can help speed your progress up, but only in conjunction with proper diet and products! 


Myth: I need to wash my face constantly to keep my pores clear.

Fact: Proper cleansing is extremely important for us all, especially those of us who break out!

How we cleanse and what we cleanse with matters most: use warm water only (never hot because it increases inflammation and re-injures scar tissue), and use a cleaner appropriate for you skin type of acne type. Washing twice a day is plenty, and remember to wash off as soon as possible after exercise or sweating!