“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

walt whitman



Why Biotin Is Breaking You Out
Why Biotin Is Breaking You Out

Biotin in excess is very dangerous for acne prone people. What to do if you’ve been taking Biotin and are seeing more acne? Stop taking immediately and begin a daily exfoliation regimen to account for the excessive skin; we recommend the Antioxidant Scrub and a Mandelic or Polyhydroxy Acid serum

Why Organic Skincare Is An Epic Fail for Acne

We are so over the organic skin care hype, at least when it comes to acne. Some of the most severe, cystic, inflamed acne I have ever seen in my acne clinic are due to organic products; from sunscreens to moisturizers, conditioners, and body washes.

Are Your Hair Products Breaking You Out?

Howdy ladies, fellas, and everyone in between. Everyone needs to understand the shocking secret about acne breakouts and the whole “change your pillowcase” thing because it’s a steady trend among our acne patients and is a perfect example of an acne myth that’s on to something, but just doesn’t contain the necessary data to be applicable.

Cystic Acne Advice
Cystic Acne Advice

Cystic acne – those deep, painful pimples that seem to take the longest to go away. They are extremely inflamed, and they manage to get even worse when you try to pop them. Many of us dealt with cystic acne in our teen years and used harsh creams or even Accutane to heal it.


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