Vitamin C Supplement for Acne: Benefits and Why Take It All Year Long

Vitamin C Supplement for Acne: Benefits and Why Take It All Year Long

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Vitamin C and Acne

Hey hey! So we are legit obsessed with this topic: Vitamin C and Acne. This post is all about the many ways vitamin C can benefit your skin, both topically and internally. As always, we will include actionable tips that can reinvigorate your skincare routine and assist you in being an ultra-savvy consumer.

Vitamin C internally: when we take vitamin C supplements it’s usually to build immunity during cold season, and the most common one is the Emergen-C line. While this can be effective, this option contains added sugar and doesn’t include bioflavonoids, which are critical to maximize synthesis and absorption. Plus, we really do think that vitamin C should be a year-round thing. Immunity is key to skin health so if you are supporting your immune system regularly, you will enjoy better health and your body will be able to fight off acne more easily. Acne is inflammatory and usually exists as an infection, so it’s highly related to immune function. This is partly why we break out during stress- the impact on our immune system makes it easier for acne to surface and makes it hard for us to heal it! 

The fact that everyone with a pulse deals with stress is one of the reasons we like vitamin C year round. Your immune system gets called on all the time, not just during cold (or COVID) season. Giving it all the support you can is a wise move, and the benefits can be seen over time in your skin complexion. 

We do get a lot of C from our fruits (and some veggies), but if taken as a high quality supplement the extra layer of protection can make a huge difference in the long run both in texture, wrinkles, and acne.. Our favorite C supplements are the Solaray brand with bioflavonoid concentrate here and the liposomal C here. If you are on a budget and plan to take this regularly, the Solaray brand is high quality and very affordable. 

Taking a C supplement supports better skin aging as this nutrient plays a pivotal role in synthesizing new collagen protein.We start to produce less and less (and less quality) collagen as we age and are exposed to oxidative stress, so this wingman can mean the difference between looking decent and looking great. The relationship between collagen production and vitamin c is well documented, and thankfully, this is an easy thing to check off our wellness lists. 

PRO TIP: About 2,000 – 4,000 mg/ day is a good level to stick with- although taking more is unlikely to harm anything!

If you live in a large city or are regularly exposed to smog or other environmental pollutants, you NEED to be taking C every day to help combat this extra layer of environmental stress. 

Vitamin C externally: when we use serums that contain vitamin C we generally see a brightening effect, along with potentially better UV protection. Yay for this! Especially if you have dark spots, melasma, or acne scars, a C serum can be game changing. We prefer to use vitamin c bioflavonoids specifically, as these seem to be the real change-makers at the cellular level. The CLEARSTEM serum called “CLEARity” is designed to unclog pores AND break down dark spots and melasma. This is hard to do without creating additional sun-sensitivity, so we actually infused this serum with Vitamin C bioflavonoids for extra antioxidant activity along with better sun defense. MAJOR win for anyone who wants a clearer, brighter complexion- and it means you don’t need an additional Vitamin C serum. Win-win!

PRO TIP: If your vitamin c serum comes in a dropper bottle as many do, you will want to make certain you use it within 3 months of opening. It will oxidate and can become rancid if left in your cabinet too long after opening, so if you bought it, use it fast!

BONUS PRO TIP: You do not need anything higher than a 10% C serum if you plan to use it daily. Even this can be a bit excessive for sensitive skin. Using too much C will not yield better results, it can actually irritate your skin and backfire on you. Go for quality, like a serum with bioflavonoids.

CLEARSTEM always aims to provide real-world actionable advice so we hope this has helped you get your C game tighter and help make sense of how you can incorporate this power nutrient in your life. Cheers to clear  skin, collagen, and immunity!

Love, Danielle & Kayleigh

 Kayleigh Christina | @kayleigh.christina